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If you were sent a letter by the Health Insurance Marketplace asking for more information about your account, make sure to respond right away so you don’t go without the coverage you need.

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The health care law

Helpful information and articles about the health care law.

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Signing up for coverage

Learn what you qualify for and how to enroll in health care coverage.

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Understanding your health care coverage

Understanding health coverage will help you decode the maze of health benefit options available.

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I’m Covered!

The Be Covered Campaign has helped our partners educate thousands of individuals and families about the new health care law and ways they can utilize their new insurance. Check out what our community members are saying about their coverage!

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Del Houghton

Age: 58

Del felt like a “VIP member with a platinum card” when he immediately received the care he needed. Del’s health insurance company raised red flags about his health and worked Read more about Del Houghton »

Nadjea Butler-Wilson

Age: 31

Nadjea experienced a relatively easy pregnancy; however, during delivery she had severe tremors and her daughter’s heart rate rapidly dropped. Read more about Nadjea Butler-Wilson »

Amy, Justin & Wyatt Wallace

Age: 31, 33 & 6

When Wyatt was 5 years old, he had recurring strep throat. During routine surgery to remove his Read more about Amy, Justin & Wyatt Wallace »

Ray Mizura

Age: 19

“We think we’re all immortal and we can’t get hurt, but if the inevitable happens, it’s always good to have a back-up.” Mizura, a 19-year-old college student, knows that young adults Read more about Ray Mizura »

Statewide Partners

Join us to bring important information on the New Health Care Law to your community

The Affordable Care Act is perhaps the most sweeping reform in the history of our nation’s health care system. We want to make sure people understand the new law so that they can make the best decisions for themselves and their families- and we need your help!

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